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Adventures in cooking and navigating a gluten-free life.

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A few months ago, I was really craving cookies. Some days, you just want to feel normal and be able to eat what everyone else does. So, I set out to make some chocolate chip cookies. In my desire to have cookies, I didn’t feel like researching how to adjust the recipe for gluten free flours. I just made the recipe from the Toll House Chocolate Chip bag, no adjustments. The cookies taste fine, they’re rather thing, and not very moist or fluffy. All-in-all, I’d say it was a cookie success, especially considering I didn’t put any extra effort into them. I froze the 4 dozen cookies that I made and just pull out a cookie now and then when I need a cc cookie fix. It’s a great way to have cookies on hand (and to keep my husband from eating all of them right away). It’s also helpful because I need to really WANT the cookie and go to the effort to get one (and remember we have them), rather than just grabbing them from the pantry.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about gluten free baking and wishing I had more time on my hands to experiment. We all know that gluten free foods are really expensive. I have hopes to some day bake more of my own desserts and breads (successfully, that’s the key). I’m sure once the baby is born, I’ll find the time to do those things (haha). In my gluten days I would often swap apple sauce for butter in baked goods recipes, which made for ultra-moist delectable deserts. Ryan, though, hated how gooey the cookies, etc would get. And, I admit, the shelf-life of those items were a LOT shorter than the full butter version. But, I got to thinking… gluten free flours tend to need more moisture than “regular” recipes. Hmmm. Perhaps I need to try my substitution again, making for more figure-friendly, healthier treats. I haven’t yet had a chance to experiment, but through a little googling, did come across a nice resource for gluten free baking…

If you have any more baking tips, please share.


Author: Angie

I'm just a girl who likes to cook and try new things. I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance in June 2012, and am discovering new ways to make old favorites as well as new dishes to suite my adjusted eating habits. It's a journey, and I wanted to share my success (and I'm sure, some defeats).

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