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These are a few of my favorite things…

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Eating Gluten Free is not always easy or convenient, but…it’s getting better. More & more restaurants and grocery stores are carrying gluten free options, some even at reasonable prices. Gasp! If you buy gluten free food, you  know what I’m talking about. Below is a list of a few of my favorite gluten free (I-always-have-them-in-the-house) items.  Of course, there’s always fresh fruits and veggies, un-seasoned meat, and eggs.

gluten-free-brown-rice-pastaFirst and foremost, I want to thank Trader Joes for carrying a variety of gluten free noodles at an oh-so-reasonable price. This was one of my earliest and still most loved gluten free finds! The brown rice pasta is similar to the taste and texture of wheat pasta, although over-cooking does lead to extremely soft noodles, so a little caveat there. If I’m making a noodle casserole, I undercook these guys by a couple of minute, so they have a better bite once the casserole is done in the oven. If I’m cooking a Mexican-type casserole or something with a stronger sauce that can handle it, I use corn noodles, as they tend to keep their bite better.

GF brownies

Krusteaz Gluten Free Brownies

A new love of mine is the Krusteaz Gluten Free Brownie Mix. Sam’s Club sells them in a 3-pack for just barely more than the price of one mix at the grocery store. Yahoo! These brownies (non-gf neighbor tested and approved) taste like the real gluten-ridden deal, complete with a moist and chewy consistency. Yum. I’ve dressed them up with peanut butter swirl, too…ah-mazing.

Speaking of, Sam’s Club and Costco both are carrying Gluten Free all purpose flour blends these days. Personally, I don’t buy the individual flours and mix my own, I take the easy route and buy the all purpose variety, works fabulously.

EssentialEverydayLogoThe other Sunday, during my weekly grocery shopping trip, I cruised through my local Cub Foods freezer aisle to scope out gf breakfast options, when I found a nice surprise. Cub Foods’ owned brand Essential Everyday Gluten Free Waffles. For a reasonable price (around $3.00 a box) you get 8 waffles that are light and crisp. That’s 2 more waffles than most other GF frozen boxed waffles for the same or less cost. Plus, I’ve noticed some other frozen waffles can be a little soft or floppy, these waffles are nice and crisp, great for on-the-go waffle & peanut butter breakfasts.

This list would most definitely not be complete without my hands-down favorite GF bread. I’ll even eat this as bread, whereas other gf breads I’ll only eat as toast. It’s moist, soft, and chewy. I’ve found a few places carry it frozen, which contributes to the dryness, but Target sells this amazing bread in the bakery section. Canyon Bakehouse Bread, so delicious.

image001That completes my favorite things list for today, if you’ve found any super-awesome gf foods, leave a comment to share with your fellow readers.



Author: Angie

I'm just a girl who likes to cook and try new things. I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance in June 2012, and am discovering new ways to make old favorites as well as new dishes to suite my adjusted eating habits. It's a journey, and I wanted to share my success (and I'm sure, some defeats).

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