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Gluten Free Dining Out & Travel Resources!

I cannot even begin to express how EXCITED I AM RIGHT NOW!!!! Goodness, sorry for the shouting. I am nearly jumping up and down in my chair as I type this!

I was gluten free google searching, and came across a few resources that are AH-Mazing!

First off, you can go into google maps and search “city” + gluten free… and find gluten free restaurants. Seriously, this is an invaluable resource for traveling! Now, I will warn you that I recently had back-to-back disheartening experiences with restaurants that said they were gluten free friendly, where I left feeling under-fed and over-charged. So, I would still recommend doing your due-diligince in asking questions before settling in to dine anywhere.

I also came across a few other websites that I’m pretty excited about:

Searching for a restaurant that’s sensitive to certain eating restrictions/allergies:

Other gluten free travel resources:

A good source for substitutions based on allergies/intolerances:

I’ll leave you withthose new-found resources for now. Hope you find a little surprise or excitement to your day, too!