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Chicken Curry…the easy way.



I really enjoy ethnic foods – Asian, Indian, Mexican, and so on. One of our go-to fast and easy meals is to make some jasmine rice in our trusty rice cooker (read: no attention necessary) to serve up with chicken in a simmer sauce. We have found some tasty simmer sauces from Patak’s Original Simmer Sauce. We really like the Jalfrezi Curry and Tikka Masla flavors. This time, we tried the Dopiaza Curry sauce with tomato, onion, roasted cumin and spices. The way Patak’s describes the Dopiaza Curry sauce is: It’s like marinara with an Indian accent. How true! The sauce is sweet, bold, and tangy. Although I prefer the Jalfrezi Curry to the milder Dopiaza Curry sauce, this sauce was still bursting with flavor. The Jalfrezi Curry happens to have a little more heat, which is right up my alley. None the less, these simmer sauces make for a fast and delicious meal. Not to mention, many of them are Gluten Free!




ImageFirst, we cook up jasmine rice in our Oster Rice Cooker. Honestly, before we had a rice cooker I thought it was a silly, unnecessary kitchen appliance. Then, we got a rice cooker from my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. Then, angels sang. No more boiled over rice in the microwave. Just pour the rice and water into the rice cooker, push down the lever and forgeh-abott-ittt (in my best Italian mobster voice). When the rice is done, the cooker beeps and automatically switches to warm. Viola.

While the rice is cooking, cube up some raw chicken, and toss it into a frying pan, add the simmer sauce. Stir. Bring the sauce to a simmer, reduce heat, and let the dish simmer for a while (whatever the directions on the bottle say). It’s an easy to wander away for a short while type cooking meal. Just make sure to check in and stir from time-to-time. Once the recommended simmer time is up, serve over the rice. Quick, easy, and delicious!

I don’t know about you, but the few times we’ve tried to tackle Indian cooking, we ended up with mediocre results. Somehow, the spices remain rough ground particles, with a closer resemblance to sawdust than the buttery smooth flavors I enjoy at Indian restaurants. Luckily, these simmer sauces allow us to enjoy those lovely Indian flavors at home. The combination of spices brings such a depth of flavor to the meal, a real comforting, home-cooked experience. Do you have a favorite simmer sauce, or quick go-to meal?